Green Woodworking

Here you will find a range of Green Woodworking. I will add full Product range as soon as possible
here is a gallery showing various carving tools

Current Carving knives and blades include:
Scandinavian Spoon Knives (Crook Knife) used to hollow spoon bowls
Sloyd Style Carving Knives in a variety of shapes used for detail carving
North American Indian Mocotaugan (Crooked Knife) blades a great GP Carving tool
North American Indian Haida (Crooked Knife) blades a useful double edged carving tools
North American Indian Elbow Adze blade speeds hollowing on Bowls and cups.

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Temporary Example Gallery

ladle carve mocotaugan knife antler handle spoon blade profiles posh spoon knife shot glass carving

spooncarving knives Elbow Adze posh spoon knife Dorset Little carver sloyd knife Haida crooked knives med and large Haida large